Analysis & Design

This is where we figure out what’s causing the problems, understand the questions we should be asking, and use technical creativity to create solutions.

Things are going Wrong?

Sometimes off-the-shelf solutions can only check some of the boxes. With Firestitch’s personalized approach, you’ll have applications that address every little pain points facing your operation.

Struggling to scale output?

Your business is growing, but your existing systems can't keep up.

Productivity going down?

Your employees are bogged down by tedious manual tasks and your productivity is plummeting.

Too many mistakes?

Manual errors are becoming a common occurrence.

Tech integration challenges?

You find it hard to integrate new technologies into your existing systems.

Launching new services?

You're expanding your services and need tailored tools to support your unique offerings.

Non-stop customer complaints?

Customer satisfaction is at risk, and your brand's reputation is on the line.

skip the wait

We go beyond wireframes. We’ve developed our components into an Axure library that allows us to model a prototype within minutes, while you watch. We take a collaborative approach to design and work with you to develop solutions.