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About us

We’re Firestitch

We Understand. We Transform.
For half a century computers have had the potential to make our work and lives easier. Yet with the release of each new CPU and OS, that dream has been crippled by the entropy of complexity.
Firestitch’s passion is to understand the chaos of real life and form simple and elegant solutions that leverage technology to enable teams to grow.


Piecemeal solutions constrain growth. Our team integrates seamlessly with yours to inject the skills and perspective needed to design and build scalable systems.

Problem Definition
Data Analysis
Performance Metrics
System Modelling
Process Optimization
User Interface

Design Patterns
Technical POC
No-Code MVP
Release Automation
Training Systems

Ongoing Optimizations

Our Senior Team

Keith Seim

Cofounder and Solutions Designer

Building on learnings from over 30 custom applications, Keith combines deep technical aptitude with a wide industry experience to create unexpectedly simple and elegant solutions. Keith excels on demanding expectations, working best when bombarded with problems and asked to make it work. Complexity is only a step towards a simple answer.

Raymond Gigliotti

Cofounder and CTO

Ray has sculpted Firestitch’s technologies for 10 years. Prior to Firestitch, Ray was the lead developer for a startup company purchased by Pitney Bowes. His enterprise experience has equipped him to manage, build and scale amazing web applications.

Wendy Gull

Chief Operating Officer

Wendy has meticulously led Firestitch’s development projects for 10 years. Before then, Wendy managed various departments in enterprises ranging from Lafarge to McCain group.Wendy’s passion for improvement drives her to continually experiment and reinvent processes to maximize the quality and value of the entire team.

Mike Paterson

Lead Backend Developer

Mike’s worked with Firestitch team members for over 10 years, with a stint at HitGrab as a lead developer for a massive online game with 200,000 daily users. As a full stack developer, Mike’s Angular 6 insights enable him to envision an application’s full technical scope to construct an impeccable foundation.

Teams Transformed
Million Hours Saved
Cups of Coffee


Our Offices

Remote Success
Even before COVID-19, Firestitch developed tools and processes to make remote work succcessful. Today, all organizations are forced to consider team continuity and lifestyle tradeoffs.
Firestitch is excited to understand the challanges that your team may face, and to share in your journey towards productive virtual collaboration.