Management software for all post-construction client activities fro the residential high-rise and low-rise sectors of the construction industry.


TIRA Software approached Firestitch to develop an application for construction companies that wanted to improve efficiency and client engagement in customer service. The solution was a customer portal for managing projects and keeping everyone, from clients to stakeholders, up to date with notifications and reports. We called this application Athena. 

Industry: Construction
Location canada
Services used:

Web Application

iOS app


Document management

Tarion integration

The Problem

A solution was required to manage the thousands of deficiencies originating from a construction project. The goal was to solve this via a construction quality and compliance platform.

Engage technology to reduce time spent

A lot of time is spent coordinating, organizing and maintaining information through the life cycle of a residential construction project. Making these tasks fully automated and capturing them in one area to help reduce the time logs on day-to-day activities was a priority.

Keep clients informed

The application had to make it easy to provide great service and satisfaction, clients need an easy access to information and a dependable line of communication with the developer and project owner. The solution was to make the platform easily accessible by developers, proejct owners, and stakeholders to make information easy to disseminate and make sure everyone involved had access to the same information.

Trades are responsible for repairing deficient work. Keep them accountable!

Good trades stand by their work; the application had to provide users with the most current status of reported and captured deficiency items and the team managing them. A system was needed to help trades respond quicker and more efficiently while also allowing them to determine what schedule works best based on the work that is required. 

The Solution

Firestitch developed Athena, an innovative hybrid web and tablet application with a range of essential features. Athena empowers users with efficient project and trades management capabilities, enabling seamless coordination and organization. The application seamlessly integrates with regulatory systems, enhancing compliance and streamlining processes. An integral part of Athena is its powerful inspection and trade event scheduler, which optimizes scheduling efficiency and ensures smooth operations. Additionally, Athena provides user-friendly reporting dashboards, offering clear insights to track and manage operations effectively. With Firestitch’s expertise, Athena is an all-in-one solution that revolutionizes project management and facilitates seamless operations.

The Results

The implementation of Athena by Firestitch has resulted in significant cost savings, allowing construction companies to achieve the same level of work with a reduced staff.

Athena's streamlined user interface has garnered positive feedback from customers and clients, leading to increased satisfaction and improved customer service.

The reduced timelines and costs facilitated by Athena have exceeded clients' expectations, earning praise from project owners and management teams.

Athena allows you to hire less staff and get the same work done

A team of 3 can handle the work typically requiring a team of 4 through the use of Athena. A savings of 2-3 years of 1 person’s salary is typical for most project that range from $45k up to $60k/year in today’s average customer care representative salaries. Firestitch played a key part in determining how the application would make construction companies more efficient and thenexecuted on it.

Project owners happy with the reduced time and costs to exceed their clients’ needs

The team at TIRA Software have received positive feedback from project owners and management teams that have seen reduced timelines throughout the customer service process and increased satisfaction.

Happy homeowners provide great feedback on the service

Through the application’s customer/client sites and the information contained within, as well as weekly deficiency status updates, Athena has helped Customer Service teams obtain positive feedback. The above features have also created interest from large established developers that are looking for more ways to connect with their clients in a positive fashion. One of the main focuses of the project was to streamline the UI so that all users could easily manage working with it and get to the information they needed.