Automating processes related to enrollments, waitlisting, tuition billing & payments, donations and parent communications. 


The Tuiopay App was envisioned to automate the complex, laborious and expensive process for schools to collect fees from parents and students.

This task traditionally involves mailing and collecting cheques, using generic credit card payment solutions, and dealing with failed transactions manually.

These issues are multiplied by frequently-used complex pricing models including deposits, one-time or instalment payments. 

Industry: Education
Location USA & Canada
Services used:


Credit card payments

direct debit payments

Chat system


The Problem

The Tuiopay app was developed to help schools manage invoicing processes. Schools were spending too much time on manual processes related to invoicing, collecting and reconciling payments and reconciliation was difficult due to the lack of integration. 

The Solution

The Tuiopay App empowers schools to streamline their operations by offering several key features. With the app, schools can effortlessly set up multiple payment plan options, each with different durations and pricing tiers, for a single program. Administrators can easily add students and parents individually or in bulk, saving valuable time and effort. The app also promotes cost savings by automating and encouraging bank transfers, reducing transaction fees associated with credit card payments, cash, and cheques.

Additionally, the Tuiopay App automates the invoicing process for any pricing model, making it efficient and hassle-free. Schools can rely on the app to handle and generate reports on the status of transactions, including successful payments, failed transactions, and refunds. Overall, the Tuiopay App offers comprehensive features to simplify payment management for schools.

The Results

Although the TUIO app was initially developed to meet a market demand for the automation of billing and payments for schools, the features developed exceeded the initial requirements and has become an all-in-one solution for schools and parents with: 

Live direct support available to both staff and parents.

Custom downloadable financial reports.

Admissions software, student information system and fundraising management.

20,000+ users

Tuio continues to grow and expand and currently has more than 20,000 users across North America.

$200M+ payments

The Tuio app processes more than $200M in payments annually through both credit cards and direct debit transactions.

+500% growth

Tuio continues to grow and expand into new markets. The Tuio app is one of the top rated payment processing systems on Capterra with an A+ BBB rating.

Advanced security protocols

Tuio is PCI DSS compliant and meets global data security standards for collecting safe payments.