The Firestitch Advantage

Firestitch has been transforming business for the last 15 years. By leveraging a wealth of experience and built up infrastructure solutions have a great advantage over traditional app development providers.

Solved 50+ Complex Problems

Firestitch has been solving problems from its inception. Some common and some unique to each business. 

Designed for intricate challenges

We have used our toolkit to resolve intricate and extraordinary challenges such as multi-city business trips planning, automated finance, and shift scheduling.

Our Tech Stack

Our tech stack includes Linux, Angular, MySQL, PHP, Nginx, Cordova, Bitrise, and a library of proprietary components developed by Firestitch based on Material Design, which is Google’s open-source design system.

What it means for your app

Leveraging these tools enhances each step of our solutions process:

Reliable Technology

We start every project with confidence in battle-tested solutions that conquer the toughest business challenges.

Reduced Coding

We use configuration where possible to limit coding and speed up development, making it more efficient.

Swift Design

Your pages take shape rapidly, reducing the need for endless adjustments, as we follow established blueprints.

Clear Expectations

From designers and developers to quality assurance teams and your app users, everyone knows what to expect.

Consistent Specifications

We stick to recognized patterns that everyone can understand, promoting seamless communication.


We’ve developed a streamlined 4-step process that takes you from your initial idea to a fully realized, innovative solution.

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Refine


Through open and engaging discussions, we gain a deep insight into your vision.


We ignite our imaginations to design a solution that’s tailored specifically to your needs.


Once we have your approval, we embark on the journey of building your solution.


Our partnership doesn’t end when your solution goes live. We’re here for the long haul.