The Problem

The Tuiopay App was envisioned to automate the complex, laborious and expensive process for schools to collect fees from parents and students.

This task traditionally involves mailing and collecting cheques, using generic credit card payment solutions, and dealing with failed transactions manually.

These issues are multiplied by frequently-used complex pricing models including deposits, one-time or instalment payments.

The Solution

The Tuiopay App enables a school to:

  • Setup multiple payment plan options with different periods and price points for a single program,
  • Add students and parents either one-off or in bulk,
  • Reduce transaction costs by automating and incentivizing bank transfers over credit card, cash and cheque.
  • Automate invoicing process for any pricing model,
  • Automate handling and reporting for transactions including successful, failed and refunded transactions.

The Tuiopay app was launched in 2017 and is now saving thousands of families time while saving their schools both time and money.

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