Our Process

Enterprise-Level Processes from start to finish

Innovation + Attention to Detail = Smart Technology
Flexibility is built into our process, allowing for adaptations every step of the project.
Discover Value
Save $, Make $
One, the other or both. Our passion for exciting technology is driven by our drive to create value.
We design incredibly innovative solutions leveraged from years of experience resolving challenges.
It's exciting to work with a competent team. We engage all project stakeholders to ensure success.
Resolve Challenges
Through up-front planning, we ensure timelines are achieved and your project is delivered when expected.
It's About Time
  • 1. Meet & Greet

    Reach out and let us know your grandest fantasies for your new app or website. Our clients almost always have a ton of questions about web software development they’d like answered before they commit to working with us, and we understand completely: we’re here for you.

    Worried about confidentiality? We don’t blame you; we’re about to create some dynamite solutions that’ll give you a razor-sharp competitive edge. We’re happy to sign your NDA or provide one of our own. On a less legal, but more personal note: we give you our word that your project is safe with us.

    ~ 1-2 days

  • 2. Diving Deeper

    Once you’ve asked all your questions and have decided we’re the right web software development provider for you, the tables turn so we can ask about you: your business, your people, your preferred processes, your customers, and your personal likes and dislikes.

    Your answers helps us plan the right way to create the solutions you need while sticking closely to your company’s brand and message. We’ll suggest ideas we’re considering and ask for your feedback on which one you like best, so we can give you a proposal that astounds you with perfection.

    ~ 1-2 weeks

  • 3. The Proposal

    To the lab we go! We’ll take all of our notes from our collaboration with you and start mapping out how we’ll create a solution that meets your needs and works effortlessly.

    At the end of this phase, we’ll present you with a detailed proposal that includes the technology behind your application or website, the timeline we’re going to stick to, and a full price breakdown for the entire project. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll use that proposal as a blueprint for what we’re going to create.

    ~ 1-2 weeks

  • 4. The Prototype

    Time to test the concept. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may have already seen some of our suggested interfaces illustrated in the proposal, and now we break out the big guns. We’ll prepare a prototype of your entire application to ensure everyone’s developing off the same page. (That’s a little web software development humor, there. It’s really funny, trust us.)

    We’ll present you with the complete prototype for your final approval before we get cracking on the build phase of development. At this stage, you’ll be able to see exactly how your finished project will look and what it will be able to do.

    ~ 1-2 weeks

  • 5. The Build

    The build process is where our seasoned development team really gets to work. You’ll be anticipating your final product – you’ll be excited to start using it! – so we try to provide lots of small demos through the build process for you to try. That lets you see how things are shaping up and gives you a chance to offer feedback every step of the way. (It also keep you from going crazy wondering where we are in the development process.)

    Once we deliver the final build, we’ll test it thoroughly. Every new web software development has a few bugs to work out, and we work hard to make sure we’re the only ones who ever see them. By the time we deliver your project, it’ll be ready for public display.

    ~ 1-4 months

  • 6. Launch

    After our thorough testing process, it’s time to go live. We’ll hand it over to you for a final look-see and approval while we set up your hosting. Once you give us the nod, we’ll flip the switch and you’ll see your project live on your website or mobile device.

    We’ll monitor your project live for a pre-determined period of time, but by this point, we don’t anticipate any problems. Your solution should be humming along beautifully, showing your clients and customers that you always provide the ultimate in innovation.

    ~ 1-3 weeks