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Development toolkit

For Firestitch, technology is not about code or platforms. Technology is about taking complex and frustrating problems and creating simple and elegant solutions. Having built business applications for 10 years, we’ve seen how each new client presents unique business opportunities and challenges. In 2015 we set out to build a toolkit of patterns featuring the most common problems and the best solutions we encounter every day. Our Firestitch Toolkit enables us to quickly build intuitive functional solutions based unique industry-leading patterns.

We’ve developed over 100 custom components we use every day to solve problems

We’ve started with Google’s Material Design. This standard details best practices for a wide range of UI/UX scenarios. As a foundation, it enables us to focus on the outlier functionality that form business process management systems.

Everything is responsive

While most business applications are primarily managed through desktops and laptops; designs need to adapt to mobile interfaces. This can be a challenge – particularly for complex, data-intensive feature rich interfaces. Leveraging our toolkit of components, we meticulously designed and constructed mobile “responsive” behaviours to minimize the need for custom responsive development at the per page or per client level. We ensure each interface adapts seamlessly to whatever screen size or distribution method users choose.

A hammer doesn’t define a house, and the toolkit does not limit our solutions

We have used our toolkit to address the most complex and unique problems you can imagine such as planning multi-step, multi-city business trips (Dedon), automating purchases with invoices and payments from multiple sources (Tuition), or scheduling thousands of shifts a week from a single page (Talent).

We embrace what makes our clients unique, and we use our toolkit to make their solutions spectacular.

What the toolkit means for your application

Leveraging these tools enhances each step of our solutions process:

  • We start each project with confidence in our technology, knowing that every aspect of our stack is tested and proven to meet the toughest business challenges
  • We design our pages rapidly without the need to second guess or fiddle with every detail
  • We specify consistently based on established patterns accessible to all stakeholders
  • We develop efficiently, configuring rather than coding
  • Expectations are clear for all parties, from designers, to developers, to our own quality assurance team to your app users

These advantages mean that before even talking to us you know the patterns and precision we would use to build your application.

Ready to unlock growth?

If your business is unique, then chances are off-the-shelf tools just won’t work.

We partner with clients to create solutions that fit.