Why Firestitch

It starts with a problem

Most agencies ask "What do you want us to make?" Firestitch asks "What problem do you need to solve?"

When we start a project, we evaluate your organization, the problem it's facing, and the users of the application. As process automation experts, we make sure that your organization's problem is solved and needs are met in the best way possible.

Most agencies build apps. Firestitch builds solutions.

The solution begins with the process

We believe in minimizing risk and maximizing development productivity, and this core tenet drives everything we do. Our design and development process exemplifies this idea, combining the flexibility of agile principles with the predictability of the Waterfall process.

We include the best toolkit and patters available

All apps share similar building blocks. They all need things like buttons, forms, popups and other common elements. We’ve been building apps for over ten years and have created a library of these building blocks with thousands of hours of design, development, and usage behind them.

When you work with us, we bring along all of our battle-tested design patterns, so we are never starting from scratch.

We stitch the project together with great management

To ensure that we meet our high-quality standards, we did what we do best - we built our own platform with our business processes baked in.

We use the platform from start to finish to ensure projects are designed, specified, built, tested and tracked all in one place.

This makes us happy, and it'll make you happy.