Prices in Canadian dollars

  • Functional &
    graphic design


    We take the time to understand your business, investigate uncertainties that may impact success, and communicate to all stakeholders exactly what to expect in the end-product.

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  • Development

    from $50k

    We provide you with designs, a price estimate and timelines up front. Our specialized project management, development and quality assurance team gets to work on your app. We follow our strict standards and processes to ensure quality and to deliver your app with predictable costs and timelines.

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  • Support


    Your application may not need updating or adjustments for years, but if you’re a company that’s constantly innovating, it’s likely that you’ll want to build on your initial design as time goes on. We treat every application change as new project, complete with design, quote, build, and release.

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  • Hosting

    approx $350/month

    Web and mobile apps require a surprising array of services to keep the lights on. We ensure those details are taken care of to ensure stability and minimize costs. You may chose to own your own servers, or have Firestitch host on your behalf. Hosting costs will vary depending on where you want to host.

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