Fresh from our labs in the Toronto area: web app development that changes everything.


The ShipGooder Rate Engine is designed to help customers with:

  • Shipping rate comparisons
  • Easy-to-use shipping tools
  • Quick and accurate shipping quotes including:
    • Parcel and package shipping quotes
    • Envelope shipping quotes
    • Parcel and package delivery options
    • Envelope delivery options
    • Additional package shipping options and services


As a provider of specialized architectural drawing services, Dedon required a specialized business process management solution.
Firestitch worked with Dedon to design and build a system to:
  • Template different service packages
  • Organize groups of projects
  • Manage detailed task flows
  • Track worker quality and performance
  • Automate task management, and
  • Report metrics for continual process improvements


Specify is a software development process management solution owned and developed by Firestitch. It enables us to:

  • Describe solutions to all players,
  • Track project lifecycle from estimate to release, and
  • Continually innovate and optimize our own operations and tools

The Specify platform reflects our belief that well-designed BPM systems transform businesses. Since implementing Specify we increased our development team productivity by 500%.


With a growing Toronto temporary employment business, Talent Employment needed to scale out their operations for managing shifts.

Firestitch designed and built Talent an App that unified and automated virtually every management processes reducing costs and adding value for both clients and employees.


GuestEngine provides marketing solutions for the hospitality industry, and they wanted an app that would provide a full-featured loyalty program for restaurant staff and members. They needed:

  • Multiple franchise brands
  • Bill data integration
  • Contests, offers, and leaderboards
  • Powerful social sharing

We used our custom site editor (which is spectacular, if our clients do say so themselves) to get GuestEngine the solution they wanted for a price that was easy to say yes to. Our site editor connects already existing pages to model sites, workflows, processes, and more –we quickly give GuestEngine everything they asked for.


As a house & condominium construction quality and compliance platform, Athena required a solution to manage the thousands of deficiencies originating from a project.
Firestitch built Athena a hybrid web and tablet-based application featuring:
  • Management of projects and trades
  • Integration with regulatory systems
  • Powerful inspection and trade event scheduler
  • Simple reporting dashboards to track and manage operations


RPGRxtra allows doctors in long-term-care facilities to create prescriptions quickly on an iPad. Doctors can write more effective prescriptions quickly if they have just a few tools at their fingertips, such as:

  • Quick drug search
  • Touch-screen signature
  • PDF delivery via FTP/Dropbox to both pharmacy & facility
  • Integrated prescription history and versioning

It was a big job – so big, our client wasn’t even sure it was possible. We listened closely to the doctors’ needs and provided an incredible app that made it easy for doctors to write prescriptions and keep more accurate records in less time than ever before.

Maven Social

Maven Social entire business was built on the web platform we created for the company: they show companies exactly what results they’re getting from every dollar they spend on social media. Naturally, that kind of information tracking requires a pretty powerful platform, which included:

  • “Social CRM” presenting marketing results as a hierarchy of influencers
  • Multiple contest and promotions types
  • Sophisticated reports that show exactly how social media spend creates value
  • Tracking visitors, sharing, and conversions by channel
  • Real time results from any online marketing effort on any channel
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, and USPS

Mortgage Ogre

Understanding how mortgages work is unnecessarily complicated. Mortgage Ogre is a powerful mortgage calculator with a simple interface and a friendly face that allows home buyers to calculate their mortgage payments and determine how much house they can really afford. It includes:

  • Multiple saved mortgage profiles
  • 3-page custom PDF report

Social Stage

Facebook Pages meet web sites. Social Stage offers easy-to-customize marketing sites within a business’ Facebook Page.

Firestitch are among Social Stage co-founders, and played key business and technology roles.

Nexsys Financial

A complete mortgage back-office solution, the Nexsys platform automates collection, organization, validation and presentation of all documents relating to a mortgage from approval to close.

We developed the full web application for Nexsys from our offices in Toronto. Web app development solutions like these require a lot of careful collaboration with the entire staff, so we made sure to get as much face time with as many different Nexsys employees as possible to ensure the app would make everyone’s job quicker, easier, and more effective.

Canada Post

We had three clients: Canada Post, Hewlett Packard and Bluetree Direct, all collaborating to create a direct mail automation site with very specific requirements. This multi-million-dollar project featured web-based print design, demographic mailing list purchase and unaddressed ad mail route planning.

As Bluetree employees, Firestitch’s founders played key roles in project proposal, technology design, security review and successful launch.

Feel free to call our home offices in Toronto with web application development questions. We’re happy to explain how we built the features for each of these apps. Maybe we can even give you some ideas for solutions you can use in the next phase of your company’s growth